Sand Balls

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Direct all the balls toward the van



Sand Balls is a game chockfull of levels where you've got to move each set of colorful balls toward the van that appears at the bottom. To do it you've just got to swipe your finger on the sand and make tunnels that let you get the maximum possible number of balls to the end of the track.

The graphics in Sand Balls show everything in 3D and the controls present no complications. You've basically got to tap your finger on the interface to create holes in the soil that let you take the balls to the end of the level. Plus you'll come across white balls to match with the other colors so that they bunch together when they fall.

Another thing to keep in mind is that on every go you'll come across rotating platforms that modify the path of your balls. This makes it very interesting to study which layout favors you most with the aim of getting the greatest possible number of balls to the van. Once you make it to the vehicle you'll see the number of balls you've managed to get there successfully.

With Sand Balls you're looking at a simple gameplay that nonetheless manages to keep you glued to your smartphone screen. This is why you've got to pay attention and not miss out on any of the areas where you can collect lots of balls.